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Warning from a plan to involve several Arab parties in cracking down the Intifada

Sayyed Fadlullah: Any weakness in Palestine will have an Impact at the state of the Arab and Islamic region as a whole.

Asked in his weekly seminar in the Al-Zahra Hall of the Imamian Hassanian Mosque, about the state if the Palestinian Intifada and its prospects in the light of the recent security agreement with the enemy, The Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah said:

After about two years with the Intifada still very much alive and thriving, the enemy began to feel that it is very difficult to put an end whether to the Intifada or to the struggle of the Palestinian people.

It might slow down at times, but it then quickly resumes its pressure on the Israeli occupation with all possible means, proving that the Israeli impasse is quite overwhelming, and that it is impossible to crush the struggle of a people that seeks to end occupation.

And this is what the Zionist media itself has admitted, when it said that the enemy’s army has done all what an army could do.

Thus, we find that the enemy has turned to making the Palestinian people fatigued and feeling that they could not achieve anything through the Intifada.

They have also tried to suggest that the hardships the Zionist society endures are nothing compared by the one the Palestinians are living in, the strategic effects of the Intifada on the Zionist society notwithstanding.

Therefore, the security agreements, whether under the name of "Gaza-Bethlehem first" or any other, that have been prepared in the US and many other Western and Arab capitals, is an integral part of the attempts to contain the Intifada. The new plan requires the participation of several Arab parties in the attempts of ending the Intifada under the pretence of reform, or reorganizing the security apparatus.

Although we are aware of how critical the situation is, and how dangerous the American threats to several Arab states are, we ought to warn from taking part in this plot of besieging the Intifada as a prelude to a bigger political project to the entire region, for any weakness in the Palestinian position will undoubtedly have a direct and indirect impact on the Islamic and Arab worlds.

Thus, we ought to move on two parallel lines: To revitalize the Arab and Muslim street in order to provide moral and physical support to the Intifada and the Palestinian people. And secondly to thwart all the American political and security attempts that aim at getting the Palestinian lost in a new endless maze.

Both the peoples and the governments bear a joint responsibility in doing this, for some of these governments still have certain potentials and resources that enable them to confront the continuous pressures, thus paving the way for the birth of a stronger confrontation movement in the coming stages.