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Noticing that the Israeli threats to Iran aim at creating a Muslim siege to the Intifada…

Fadlullah emphasizes that the Aggression against Iran will spread the war in a way unimagined by Israel.

Asked in his weekly seminar about the Israeli threats against Iran, Sayyed Fadlullah answered:

We should not look at the new Israeli and American threats to Iran in a way that separates them from the recent successive developments and the American attempt to subdue the states that still oppose the American policies. The current American Administration believes that it now has a window of opportunity to exert pressure on these states and make them conform with the American strategy in the region, especially with respect tothe consequences of the war in Afghanistan that made it feel that it could now impose its own conditions, by threatening to start the second phase of the so-called war on terrorism.

Thus the new American report about the states that support the so-called terrorism is but a new chapter in these threats, that are supposed to draw red lines to Iran in particular, so that it will end its support to the liberation movements especially the Intifada and the Palestinian people. It is an effort that aims to facilitate its besiege since it managed to build Arab political fences around it and is now looking for a Muslim one that would contribute in suffocating or paralyzing it.

The coordination between Israel and America in the political and informational campaign is comprehensive, and full. Moreover, they are trying to prevent Iran from possessing any military strength it might need to defend itself, and provide more confidence to continue its support to the Resistance in Lebanon and the Intifada in Palestine. And this in turn will hinder the execution of the American plan that aims at preparing the region for a new phase of surrender, having thought that it holds the keys of the region in the aftermath of the war in Afghanistan.

The Israeli threats against Iran are not new. They prove that while Israel is afraid of the intentions of the Islamic Republic that is still committed to the principles of the late Imam Khumeini regarding the rights and the cause of the Palestinian people, it is also preparing for a political and informational atmosphere that prevents Iran from developing its military and technological ability, to remain just another ordinary state of the Third World that is totally preoccupied with its internal problems.

But the Zionist enemy whose political and security worries and even obsessions might drive it to seriously consider the option of striking Iran, or induce the Americans to carry out such a strike, Knows that Iran can retaliate and in different fronts. It also knows that any such aggressive step will create a state of general chaos that could exceed the boundaries of the region. It is no picnic to strike Iran, for it will spread the war in a way unimagined by Israel and create a new wave of strategic and security worries that will haunt the Israelis.