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Escalation of Violence in Iraq

Sayyed Fadlullah:The anger the american policies are generating will turn into a popular armed resistance in many parts of the world

Asked in his weekly seminar the following question The United States has admitted that it is in deep trouble in Iraq… American officials have recently declared that they were surprised by the size of the resistance in Iraq and its continuity. Meanwhile, the American Minister of Defense said that he needs to “think” about what is happening to his troops in Iraq, and suggested that he needs to wage an ”ideological” war against the countries that host terrorism... while the American president is talking about public diplomacy.

Is America still in a position of power and hegemony after all it has witnessed in Iraq?

The Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah said:

It is obvious that the latest developments have created a change in the general scene of the region, especially in Iraq and occupied Palestine. The United States has been dealt several blows which hit its imperial pride, as a force that has been acting like a raging bull since 9-11.

America has waged an open war against the Arabs and Muslims putting itself in the place of Israel. It did not listen to certain rare and shi internal voices that wanted to warn the US that such policies will increase the level of hatred to words the US in the region.

Thus, this continuous American aggression which is bound to create a kind of resistance and confrontation in Iraq could develop into something that is far more reaching. It is supposed to awaken the spirit of unity of the nation and invigorate the feeling of defending its injured dignity, especially after the American President has acted like one of Sharon’s advisors in his war to eradicate the Palestinians.

What the US is facing in Iraq is what it could face in other parts of the Arab and Muslim world, and even in the whole world if it continues its open war against their causes...

Things have begun to develop in accordance to what we have always talked about: There is no eternal power, and there is no indefinite weakness. The weak ought to use their strong elements to hit the powerful in their points of weakness. When this axiom was applied, we saw the state of confusion America has suffered from in the region, especially that it insists on carrying the Israeli load in its entirety . If the Americans insist on such policies and expand them into other parts of the world, the way will be met with a peoples’ war and they will then have to pay a price that is enormously bigger than the one they are paying now.

If the American officials are talking about the need for a ‘public diplomacy”, then we have to remind them that the first condition for this diplomacy to succeed is to respect the civil rights of the people especially it right of self-determination and resisting occupation, as in Iraq and Palestine…

We do not believe that the conscience of those officials in the American Administration has suddenly awaken, for they are lead by a rightist Likud group, rather it is the impasse in Iraq that imposed itself : they began to feel that if things continue to unfold in this way, the American public opinion might change and they might lose the coming presidential elections.

That is not to say that we are implying that America has begun to lose its control over the region and the world, but it looks as though America is no longer in the position that it can impose its will in the world and in the region, and that its imperial pride has begun to be shaken, which means that the doubts regarding its leadership of the world will remerge. Arabs and Muslims should take this fact into consideration and plan for their struggle on the basis of the belief that America cannot impose its policies and security agenda, which in fact is the Israel agenda. The nations have their say, and the future is undoubtedly for their coming generations.