Stands >2003 Stands >The Stand of Safar 27,1424h,April 29, 2003A.D.


The New Palestinian Government

The Religious Authority H.E Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fudlullah:
Israel wants this government to start a civil war, but the Palestinians will not fall in this trap.

This government is an integrated step in the series of pressures against the Palestinians, especially after the war on Iraq . The Americans seek to turn their military victory into a political one, which the Palestinians are going to pay the initial price of.  We have also seen that the Arabs too pressurized the Palestinians to force them to accept this government in order to follow the "Road Map" The Americans , Israelis and probably some of the Arabs planned for.

2- We believe that the way this government was formed constitutes several political messages to Arab and Islamic parties, in addition to the Palestinians themselves, who ought to understand that the Intifada has all but finished, and that all the ways that lead to winning their national rights of return and self-determination are closed.

3- Nonetheless, we believe that the enemy will impose several political and security conditions that would lead this government to failure, since they might trigger  a civil war, and kill the Road Map. Israel does not want the Palestinians   to have a state that has any taste or color, since, any kind of state might drive the Palestinians to dream about a  real  one.

4- Thus, we say to the Palestinians that they have to be aware of what is being plotted against them. The American-Israeli plans rely on pushing them towards civil war. The Palestinians, ought therefore to act as if they are in a state of contingency, and master the game of casting various roles. We believe that the Palestinians who survived all kinds of plots pressures and oppression will be able to refuse to sign what amounts to unconditional surrender, and revolt against all these pressures, as they have frequently done in similar conditions.