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Sharon’s Visit to the US

Sayyed Fadlullah: Those who hope that Sharon will be pressurized by Bush are mistaken . 
The American Administration’s sole concern is to win the coming elections.

Asked in his weekly seminar the following question : Do you see a new American approach towards the Palestinian issue?

The Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah said:

In this stage, the American first priority is how to get out of the aggravating impasse that is manifested in the military and political failures that haunt the American president in the aftermath of the war on Iraq and its repercussions in the region and the world. America has neither been able to promote its justification for the war nor was it able to achieve a decisive victory in the political battle whose goals extend to the entire Arab-Islamic world.

Therefore, the Palestinian issue in these circumstances is merely a tool. America tries to suggest that it is trying to find certain solutions, while it is in fact increasing its support to Sharon. It even declares that it will not pressurize him, thus maintaining a freehand to tamper with the political and security situation as it sees fit. It also prevents any effective action that the International Quartet Committee might take. All this leaves the Americans and the Israelis in full control, although they might talk about certain marginal differences that do not break the original agreement between the two parties to leave the negotiations preoccupied in details so as it will never deal with the core of the conflict or its complications and interactions.

What the American Administration seeks nowadays is to return the Arab to Israel and not the other way round. It wants to reestablish the Arab -Israeli relations at the expense of Palestinian pains and sufferings. It also wants to normalize relations between several Arab states with the Israelis and return them to the way they were before the Intifada, there by disregarding all the resolutions of the Arab summits and the Arab League, and circumventing all the major issues like that of the refugees, an issue which there has already been same talk about exchanging it with the settlements. Plans are being set to ripen such an exchange a very slow pace.

The situation is just as the Israeli newspaper Haaretz described it “… Who expects that Sharon will be pressurized in his visit will be disappointed…”

The whole issue is how to save president Bush in the coming American elections. That is why America wants to sacrifice anew all Palestinian and Arab rights including certain deceiving topics that were raised by the Road Map. For the American Administration only wishes to find a way out that will enable it to win the elections.