Stands >2002 Stands >The Stand of Sha’ban 22, 1423 h - October 29, 2002 A.D.


Warning that the current state of political and economic turmoil could turn into an international security one.

Sayyed Fadlullah: I blame America for the mounting chaos and I reject the illegitimate security means.

Asked in his weekly seminar about the responsibility of the Islamists concerning the violence that is moving from one place to another- Chechnya , Indonesia Algeria and occupied Palestine , the Religious Authority H.E. Muhammad Sayyed Hussein Fadlullah said:

 We cannot blame the Islamists for every act of violence that takes place in Arab and Islamic world. There are national movements and there are also National-Islamic movements where the Islamic aspect has combined with the national aspect and the movement grew to represent the people as a whole as in the case of the Palestinian people.

Moreover, there are many acts of violence that are orchestrated by intelligence agencies, which accuse the Islamists of doing them to distort their image, like what has been going on in Algeria, where it has been proven that they are innocent of many of the act they were falsely accused of.

But this does not mean that there are no national or Islamic movements that resort to means that might not be politically or even religiously justified. They are following the steps of certain secular parties or even certain major powers, by resorting to abductions, assassinations and bombings. But this does not mean that we agree with them for such acts are usually used as an excuse to wage a campaign on Islam, its message and its concepts.

We do not deny that Islam is the leading force that is propelling, either directly or indirectly, the people to restore their dignity and confront the threats and pressures that are besieging them. But we believe that this is a spontaneous reaction against the threats, pressures and intimidations of the international axis, especially the US , as well as the policies of economic plunder and physical and moral oppression that have almost deprived the coming generation from any future.

It is America , that supports Israel in all its brutal acts, and that draws plans to continue its offensive on the whole nation, who is the major cause of this chaos and of this violence that sometimes reach the verge of cheer madness… On the other hand, we believe that the struggle of any nation to liberate its lands from occupation is a natural right, although we reject the illegal and inhuman means of practicing this right like what happened recently in Moscow .

We warn that the policy of oppression against nations, especially the Islamic peoples, could lead to a big explosion. The international arrogance is trying to leave no light of hope in the future for our peoples, which drives many to resort to bloody confrontation being the shortest road... Moreover, the state of economic and political turmoil that is escalating in the world today could turn into a security turmoil that will expand to reach several places. Thus, we grew more confident that America and the arrogant powers are spreading chaos in the world, and that they are responsible for all this global violence and for the way it might expand and become more dangerous and devastating.