Stands >2002 Stands >The Stand of ZulHijja 29, 1422 March 19,2002 A.D.


The Zionists have used all the possible means of killing and destruction…

The American Security Plan will not save Sharon.

Asked in his weekly seminar about the developments in the region, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah stated:

One of the most significant results of the continuous Israeli aggression against the Palestinians that have turned of late into a series of successive terrorist massacres is that the enemy has begun to feel that the Palestinian people have made their martyr logic and strong will the dominant factor in this war that aimed at humiliating them and consequently putting a final end to their cause…

Thus, we saw that the enemy has grown mad having failed to achieve anything although he had used all the killing machine and methods that he could think of.

It has now grown desperate enough to wage a blind war of extinction against the Palestinian people. Nevertheless the Palestinians managed to show that all the security measures the Zionists had resorted to were unable to protect them, and proved to Sharon that his newest strategy of dealing a severe blow to the Palestinians before negotiating with them, has also failed, for the Palestinians refused to yield and the whole people has turned into a unified front that is fighting to liberate its land.

The American Administration which felt that Israel is in real danger, started to work on two tracks in an effort to help it. They sent General Zenni to the region to try to help Israel get out of its impasse and its political problems that have grown immensely, especially after the exposure of its lies about respecting human rights with all the crimes it commits against civilians.

Secondly, America started to talk about the second phase of its “war against terrorism” hinting at attacking Iraq, thus focusing the light on another area in the region…

The Sayyed concluded by saying: It is America that gave Sharon the green light for all these massacres, that wants now to impose a ceasefire that will once again drown the Palestinian cause into the swamp of security negotiations (the Mitchell plan and the tenet understanding), hoping that all the talk about the “axis of evil” and fighting the countries that seek to obtain weapons of mass destruction will relief Israel, both politically and security wise.