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The Zionist massacres have paved the way for a new round of confrontation.

Fadlullah: The war has extended beyond the Palestinian front to the whole world.

The Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, was asked in his weekly seminar about the features of the next stage in view of the latest and current developments. He said:

 we have to understand in  the beginning that the enemy’s government has tried through the massacres, it had committed and this government is now trying to deny its responsibility for, to convince the Jews in the settlements and outside them, that Sharon’s security slogan and project are still viable. But the security shocks the Zionist entity encountered have proved the Israeli concept of security that has become equivalent to committing massacres, to be wrong and baseless.

The Palestinian steadfastness was able to fail Sharon’s project and concept of security whether in the great confrontations in Jenin (Palestinian camp) , or through some of their operations, which the attack on the settlement of Adora could not be the last. The Zionist community is once again concerned about the consequences of the aggressions that the Zionist Army commits under the pretense of establishing security; for these massacres have paved the way for new rounds of confrontation, as well as resistance operations that will be waged against the enemy sooner or later.

And since such a situation will only aggregate the current security and economic crisis in Israel , we believe that the Zionist community will enter a period of continuous internal  controversy no matter how much the Zionist media will try to hide it, since the Israelis will not be able to coexist with this perpetual state of security emergency which it did not experience since 1948.

Moreover, we also have to draw the attention to the fact that the Zionists have begun to feel that their image in the world has changed.

This can be seen if we look of the way they chose to deal with the international fact finding committee, which they considered a “dangerous penetration”… It is obvious that there has been some change in the world view despite the American support and cover-up. America has repeated with respect to Jenin (Palestinian camp) what it did to the massacre in the Lebanese village of Qana, preventing the Security Council from condemning Israel and pressurizing the Secretary General to accept the Israeli terms even if the cost was to disband the fact finding committee.

Thus, we should reveal these facts to the whole world and employ all political and informational means, for the popular front is not completely won by the Israelis and Americans.

We believe that the enemy has entered in a race between its security as it perceives it (acts of terror and aggression), and its image in the world which it can no longer conceal its distortions. We should pressurize Israel regarding both aspects, by supporting the Palestinians financially, economically, politically…etc, for the front the war is fought in, is no longer in Palestine alone, but in the whole world, and we have to win the war both in Palestine and in all over the world as well.