Stands >2002 Stands >The Stand of Jomada I 19 1423h Ė 30/07/2002 A.D.

Sayyed Fadlullah calls for rallying all Arab and Islamic resources to face pressures and plots:

The Palestinians are still able to inject the Nationís veins with the spirit of giving.

Asked in his weekly seminar about the future prospect amid the talk of an eminent invasion to Iraq, the religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah said:

 We do not agree with those who believe that the nation has grown weaker and that its ability to resist has become fragile. But this does not mean that the stage we are going through is not one of the most dangerous stages, and that the international balance of force has not had its impact on the Nation and its causes. The Nation has lost much of its strength, enabling the American- Israeli front to prepare for a new offensive that threatens the Nation in many fields.

Nevertheless, we also believe that the nation is still capable of changing the present stage of pressure and siege into a better one, for the Nation still possesses the resources and the forces that made her produce a resistance that fought the occupier in Lebanon and forced it to withdraw unconditionally.

It also produced a state of Jihad and popular resistance in Palestine that is almost unique among the revolutions against occupation in history. This Intifada was able to impose itself on the world and to bring back the Palestinian cause to the forefront, in spite of the world war it confronted and is still confronting.

Thus, while we believe that there are many elements and circumstances that reflect a state of weakness, tempting the enemies to continue their aggression to plunder the Nationís wealth, we also believe that there are many elements and forces of confrontation and resistance that could undermine any project and rebel against any attempt of subjection.

In this respect, the struggle of the Palestinians is but one of the samples that tell the world everyday that the nation is not dead, and that its ability of giving is bigger than all what it faces, even with all the developments that followed the eleventh of SeptemberÖ

We are not saying that there are not international arrogant, and particularly American plots to embark on a new direct invasion against the Nation starting by Iraq, but we believe that it is not as easy at it seems.

Because there are many factors that might reshuffle the cards, and enable new states of resistance to be born. Such fronts may not be noticed now by the arrogant powers, because they are currently hidden, although continuous oppression will bring life to them anew.

The Palestinians are still able to inject the nationís veins with the spirit of giving. But the active forces in the Nation should react with this people and start to act politically and militantly, to circumvent any project or plot.

It is not important what plots they prepare, what is really important is the ability to circumvent and undermine them, The Nation still has a lot of potentials even though some might not be able to activate them.