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Respecting treaties and covenants in Islam

Sayyed Fadlullah:We respect all treaties and covenants , but we ask the world to be committed to them too, lest we will have to treat them in the same way ,The west has been neglecting even the laws it itself has formulated when it finds that it no longer serves its interests.

Asked in his weekly seminar the following question: How do you view, in the light of Islam, the issue of keeping one's commitments?”

The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, said:

Islam has been distinguished by its great concern towards respecting covenants and agreements between social groups.

It gave it a kind a sanctity, as it considered it a criterion for piety and belief.

Allah, the most Exalted, says :O ye who believe! fulfill (all) obligations.

He also described the Muslims as those who are faithful to their trusts and their covenant.

And urged the Muslim not violate the terms of pledges or covenants. and keep the covenant. Lo! of the covenant it will be asked.

That is why, we saw the Messenger(p.) urging believes to honor the terms of the contracts they make. He said that Muslims honor the terms of their contracts. The only restriction for this is that it should not violate what Allah (s.w.t) has deemed lawful or prohibited.

One of the contracts that one should abide by its terms is the visa he obtains to visit other countries. This visa is a contract which Muslims should abide by. Its provisions include, as we have always said, that the Muslim who immigrates to origin country should be a good guest. He should neither harm its citizens nor violate the general order and law in the country including that of traffic communications, transport… etc. He should also refrain for any act that could lead directly or indirectly to any aggression on the social or economic security of the country.

Another binding contract is that concluded between different social groups and maintains the relations between them in the framework of a certain social and political system.

Another important contract is that between the rulers and the ruled peoples, for one of the major responsibilities of the rulers is to abide by the law and establish justice.

Heads of political parties too have certain responsibilities towards their follow party members. They have to protect their right in active and real participation, or in having a different opinion.

Religious scholars also have certain obligations towards the nation they have signed a contract with: To work for the pride and unity of this nation and to adhere to the line of justice regardless of all the sufferings and persecutions it might cost them.

As for inter-state relations, Islam respects all international treaties and covenants that aim at protecting man form injustice, and respecting the humanity in him. It supports the oppressed in an effort to establish justice. In this respect, the Messenger praised a covenant that was conclude in pre-Islamic times ( Al-Foudoul). For it was based on supporting the wronged. He even said that had he been asked to take part in he would have accepted.

But, as we ask our societies and states to respect international covenants, we would like the others to respect them too, whether those made with the Arab and Muslim communities living abroad or with the Arab and Muslim states. If they violate these treaties it calls for treating them in the same way in accordance to the Quranic rule that says: as long as they are true to you, be true to them.

Nevertheless, this world is not governed by treaties and covenants, but rather by the balance of force. The powerful formulates the law that corresponds to its own political interests. Moreover, he neglects the laws that he had formulated if they no longer serve his interests. And this has been clearly demonstrated in all the coups the CIA had orchestrated in our courtiers, as well as the dictatorships it instituted to serve its goals and interests. It was also demonstrated in the war on Iraq in which the UN was used as an instrument.

Then the American Administration ignored the UN itself, and relied on the twisted laws that was fabricated by the American political mind , sinking the region and the world in a stage of violence and destruction just because this is what suits its interests.

In the light of this on-going international injustice towards our causes, we are afraid that they are trying to establish the Israeli occupation and terrorist acts as a norm, even if it harms the entire region, since the Israeli security so demands. And if a change in strategy is required they will turn into a strategy of sectarian civil strife, so that we can self destruct ourselves to serve the Israeli interests .I am thus afraid that the demand of disarming the resistance might be removed, and replaced by other strategies like engaging these arms in civil strife, especially with the sectarian education that is flourishing nowadays, in which, oddly enough, the Arab media is playing a role that does not suggest that it is committed to the responsibility of protecting the nation.

O people, officials, and religious scholars, be pious and fear Allah, in what you say or do. You should hasten to protect our Arab and Islamic lands, and diffuse the mines America and Israel are planting in, before our cause will be lost in our feud over the relative shares that has been going or for decades and centuries without getting but scraps, as well as a state of partition and loss.