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New international initiatives to pass time and change the Palestinian issue 
from a political issue to one of security.

Sayyed Fadlullah: We call on the Palestinians to continue their internal dialogue to reach a common ground on the means of confrontation and we call on the Arabs and Muslims to support them.

In a statement about the latest movements to reactivate the peace process, which is meant to pass time and allow Sharon to implement his security plan, The Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah said:

Observers who follow where the international political movement on the Palestinian front is leading to have noticed that all efforts concentrate on convincing the Palestinians to freeze their Intifada in return for promises to improve their current situation.

But what is happening is that the whole situation is moving towards giving Sharon a new chance to execute his plan of creating new facts on the ground by continuous massacres that move from one place to another. They want to allow Israel to kill and invade without any Palestinian reaction, so as not to be accused of derailing the peace process, which in actual fact is nothing but a mirage.

The international initiatives they are talking about on the basis of a cease-fire between the Palestinians and Israel is but a way of turning the issue into a security one at the expense of the political side represented by occupation. These initiatives try to suggest that there are two fighting parties in an effort to legitimize the occupation’ atrocities and present the issue to the world is one of security which could be solved by Sharon’s security plan.

We feel that there is a lot of deceiving going on that aims at paving the way to execute the American-Israeli plan of passing time till the end of next year.

By then building of the separating wall in West Bank will have been finished and turned to an existing political fact, and the American election campaign would have ended too. Then they will say to the Palestinians: you are surrounded by two walls: the separating wall from behind and the international political wall from the front… Your only option is to yield.

As for the Arab political movement that accompanies the international one, it also aims to give Sharon enough time to achieve his security goals, on the basis that the best possible option that is available now is to pass time…

Therefore, as we call on the Palestinians to continue their internal dialogue to reach a common ground on how to continue their confrontation of the current and future challenges, we call on all to be more vigilant and cautious towards the proposed initiatives and bets; the international powers are not trying to implement the Road Map, but they want to relief Israel and fill the political vacuum of next year. Arabs and Muslims should be cautious towards this game and stand firmly with the Palestinians, especially after they have been intimidated by all these accusations of supporting violence and terrorism.