Stands >2002 Stands >The Stand of Shawwal 27, 1423, December 31, 2002


National unity supported by the unity of stance with the forces of opposition in the region could defeat the enemy’s plans

Asked in his weekly seminar about an expected aggression against Lebanon that takes advantage of the American war in Iraq to create a new statuesque that might force Syria and Lebanon to accept unjust peaceful settlements, The Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah said:

1-The latest Israeli threats that were accompanied by a media campaign claiming that Syria stores the Iraqi Mass destruction weapons, undoubtedly constitute an Israeli attempt to exploit the political climate in the region, and benefit as much as possible from the mounting American pressure on the Arab and Islamic region. Such threats aim to circumvent the spirit of resistance and opposition to the Israeli plans that was enhanced following the Zionist defeat and withdrawal from Lebanon .

2-But, we have noticed that the enemy did not gain international support to such a plan, although the American Administration has indirectly supported it, since it serves its own goals of hegemony over the region.

3- Nevertheless, we should always remain vigilant, since the enemy in his talk about the water issue, or the rockets the Resistance possesses and the presence of Al-Qaida members in Lebanon, does not only aim at creating an international climate that agrees with its view; it also wants to create a political and informational climate that targets the unity of the Lebanese and Syrian positions, that paves the way for political pressure against the two countries; a pressure that could turn into a military one when the political climate becomes favorable.

4-But, as we prepare ourselves to every possible development, we should not fall prey of the Israeli intimidation. The current political circumstances do not allow Israel to wage a full-blown aggression against Lebanon or destroy its infrastructure. We believe that the balance of terror with the enemy still exists, even as the American war on Iraq is said to be very near.

5-Thus, we should understand the whole game; study the enemy's plans and goals to deal with them with a realistic approach both politically and militarily. For this realism that defeated the enemy in Lebanon is capable of defeating it once again, if it continues to depend on the national unity and the alliance with the forces of opposition in the region especially Syria and Iran .