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World of Youth

His Eminence, the Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah (ra), presents a clear guide to the youth discussing all sorts of issues that they might face in their everyday life.

His book, “World of our youth”, translated by Khalil Muhammad, and published by Organization for the Advancement of Islamic Knowledge and Humanitarian Services in 1998, constitutes a series of questions and answers arranged in accordance to their themes.

The 6 themes of the book discuss the issues of the youth in the light of Quran, the essential model, the pedagogical responsibility, effective work, Sharia view, and finally the experience of His Eminence.

The first theme: “Our Youth in the Light of the Quran” explains preaching and exhortation by alluding to the story of Prophet Luqman (a.s.) counseling his son; in addition to the Quranic method of exhortation. It also sheds the light on the challenges that Prophets faced while delivering the message: they not only faced persecution from society, but also from their wives and children. The story of Prophet Yusuf (a.s.) is also narrated with special attention paid on the fact that he was a young man faced with a very persisting temptation, and how he dealt with that temptation.

The second theme: “Our Youth, the Essential Method” provides an Islamic perspective on adolescence, including a detailed elaboration on the issues of love, marriage, temporary marriage, and sexual matters. 

The third theme: “Youth: The Pedagogical responsibility” is a description of the characteristics of an Islamic educator. It also discusses the difference between academic education and seminarian one. It also tackles the subjects of the system of punishment and reward, and corporal punishment.

Theme four, “Our Youth and Effective Work” emphasizes the role of politics in the life of our youth. It provides a commentary on secularism and the role of women in politics explaining that certain Hadiths, narrating that a nation led by a woman is doomed to failure, are void.  

The issues of Hijab, leisure time, and means of entertainment are the themes discussed in theme five “Our Youth, the Shariah View.” The theme pays a special attention to the concept of Hijab explaining that it is a religious duty that preserves women’s sanctity and presents them as human beings rather than sexual ones. It further discusses that our youth ought to spend their leisure time engaged in productive activities and so on. This section is rather interesting since it tackles the issues that are considered a major concern for our youth as they live it on a daily bases.

The final theme “Our Youth: The Experience of His Eminence” is an intriguing section in which His Eminence explains how he strove, at a very young age, to live the spirit of Islam, and exerted some serious efforts to gain the satisfaction of Allah. He had tried, during his life, to be the man of Islam first and foremost.

The philanthropic nature of His Eminence is very evident in this section; in which he explains how he is a man who loves all humankind. He also provides an inspirational method of dealing with our youth by relating how he dealt with his own sons and daughters. 

Sayyed Fadlullah, by narrating his own experience as a young man and the methods he used in rearing his children, presents a living example of how “the man of Islam” should be, and provides an exemplary role model for young male and female Muslims as well.

It is a compelling book that not only addresses the problems of our youth, but also offers solutions shedding the light on exhortation, sexual education, political affiliation, Hijab, and the appropriate means of entertainment.

The book also includes a series of Hadiths narrated by several Imams, in addition to several Fatawas covering the issues of birth control, emigration, ornaments, and other miscellaneous issues.