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How do I convince someone that Islam has done justice to the woman?

How do I convince someone that Islam has done justice to the woman, at a time it made wearing the veil incumbent on her for the sake of the man, while it gave the man himself the right to divorce her whenever he wants, while if she wants divorce, she would not have it unless the husband says so?

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Is a Muslim woman allowed to embrace Christianity just to be divorced from her husband?
My relative’s husband is refusing to divorce her, and he told her: Live your life the way you want and I will live my life the way I want. She consulted a lawyer and he advised her to embrace Christianity to solve her problem, for by that she would become forbidden to her husband and she would not need divorce anymore. What is your opinion regarding the suggested solution?
My husband does not give me my marital rights… shall I ask for divorce?
I am a married woman, but my relation with my husband is tense and unstable, due to the fact that we are often arguing and the problem is intensifying, not to mention that he is not fulfilling his marital obligations towards me [sexual relation].
My wife is sterile: Do I marry again or resort to in-vitro fertilization?
I am a forty-year old man. I got married a few years ago. A short while after marriage, I realized that my wife has certain gynecological problems, so I asked her several times to see a doctor until she eventually agreed one year after marriage. When she saw the doctor, we knew that she cannot give birth except through the ovum of another woman, and since then, I have been thinking of a solution to this problem.