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Celebrating Ramadan by converting to Islam

By: Bayynat editor

The spiritual disconnect that Lacy Tourney experienced motivated her to pursue a religious studies course in 2010 at the University of Regina at the University of Regina. Even though she was a practicing Catholic, something was missing; and Lacy was very eager to explore diverse horizons.

Very soon after starting her research, Lacy embraced Islam. She explains to the Leaderpost.com that: “I knew faith was important and I wanted to have a faith base in my life but I wasn't happy.”

As the eager student began to delve deeper into the practices of the Islamic faith, she realized how all the peculiarities in Islam make up the bigger picture. In addition, mingling with other Muslim women at the university, allowed her to discover sides of the religion that were essential to extending the roots of her faith deeper and deeper.           

“Going to university I met a lot of individuals that were Muslim. We would sit and talk for hours and they would tell me about their culture and way of life. I just thought: 'This all makes a lot of sense, something just clicked. Islam just seemed to mesh a lot more in what I believe in,' “said Tourney.

Converting was indeed a life-changing experience. Tourney decided to wear Hijab.However, the process took time as she wished for a gradual change rather than one that is shocking and swift: “I wanted everything to be gradual because it's a lifestyle change that (affects) your everyday actions,” she said. “Being a convert, you need to find the reasoning behind everything. And the reasoning behind Muslim faith is to make your life more healthy, more fulfilling (and) to make you care more about other people and concentrate on helping them.”

This year would be Lacy’s third time observing the Holy month of Ramadan as she is fasting from dawn to dusk. She will be breaking her fast at sundown and participates in family and friendly gatherings.

Debra Schubert, a close friend of Tourney's who also converted to Islam in 2002 explained, “Lacey put on the hijab as a testimony of faith.”

Schubert also mentioned the five five pillars of faith in Islamincluding testimony of faith, prayer, fasting, a pilgrimage to Mecca and charity; then, explained how  “Ramadan is a way of purifying the mind and spirit, while gaining compassion for those who are less fortunate, said Schubert. Each evening there is prayer, accompanied with eating small amounts of dates and drinking water.

“You're going to feel a heightened sense of emotions and awareness, you notice things about others you normally wouldn't," she said. "In other parts of the world, others do not have the luxury of eating in the evening during Ramadan. It really puts things into perspective. It's intense.”

The word Ramadan means baked Earth in Hindi. The first Ramadan was during the hottest months in the Middle East.

Tourney, who is described by her friend as a fun-loving person, hopes to teach at the Regina Huda School after convocation next spring. Schubert explains:“Everything in this religion is between yourself and your creator. (Lacy) is able to be herself but now she also prays and wears hijab.”



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Comment: My sister in Islam, i really contratulate u and pray that may Allah grant us the eternal life.