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British media tackling Muslim marriage via Galloway… stand corrected

British media recently tackled the election of George Galloway, the new MP for Bradford West, from an angle that seeks to portray Islam as a religion that grants men “wide space” to manipulate and control women in the course of sexual pleasure and gender hegemony!

This is patent in these media “shockedly” reporting Galloway to have been married five times and divorced twice… they put their examination of his “condition” in such sense as: “George Galloway may be on his fourth wife, but if our maths is right, he has had five wedding ceremonies and may have had only two divorces”. Media followed this examination instantly by stating: “This needs explaining”, and continued: “According to reports, he married his second wife, Amineh Abu-Zayyad, in an Islamic ceremony when separated from his first wife (Elaine Fyffe) and then held a civil ceremony after the decree absolute came though”. And then added: “Zayyad filed for divorce which was granted in 2009 and he married Rima Husseini in 2007 in a Muslim ceremony. It is not clear whether he divorced Husseini before marrying Putri Gayatri Pertiwi at the weekend!” The British media went on quoting his family law barrister, Neelim Sultan, saying: “Islamic ceremonies contracted in the UK are not recognized as legal, although recognized among the community as a customary marriage, whereas bigamy is a legal offence and only relevant to the civil ceremonies… In Islamic law, you are allowed to have four subsisting marriages, although Galloway and his third wife may well have registered a talaq (divorce) with the Islamic Shariah Council”. These media conclude: “Congratulations are in order!”

Perhaps, a rational blend of such media examination of Islamic matrimonies with the typical mentality of any ordinary British or even European, or even a western would definitely lead to the conclusion that such a presentation of this “Galloway topic” is to further frighten from the Islamic doctrine and the ways in which society moves along with personal affairs in the Islamic mentality and way of life.

Thus, it is paramount to put things straight in this regard. Yes; Islam, as Muslims believe, indeed manages and systemizes human instinct and orientations in an orderly fashion. Islam introduces a basic framework-marriage; in which both parties, the man and the woman, hold a humane emotional and rational contract that bonds both of them in a well-examined and agreed upon outline of how to live together.

The late Religious Authority, His Eminence, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, once pointed out, in an interview , to the state of multi-relations way of life that a western man is used to go along through. His Eminence describes “the wife, the mistress, and the girlfriend” one western man brings together in a certain period of time; probably not taking into consideration many of the duties a man is obliged to meet, in his marital relation with one or more women, that a Muslim man seeks to meet abiding by his Islamic teachings in this regard. Thus His Eminence stressed and focused on the ways in which Islam guarantees the basic human rights a woman is entitled to from the man she marries within a firm and decisive outline of humane contractual system of relating and living together, which is absent in the way a western man lives his multi-relation experience with a wife, a “concealed” mistress, and an occasional girlfriend who might even get pregnant without a decree or regulation that forces that western man to meet his responsibility toward a baby and a whole new set of duties to fulfill toward his “partner”.

So, if the British media might have - willingly or unwillingly - portrayed Islam in an exaggerative way that overlooks the sense of seriousness and responsibility a man must meet within a Muslim framework of marriage… they stand corrected.