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Children: Godís trust whether in guidance or in care(2)

The instinct of superiority and love of perfection are innate in man.  The desire for progress and excellence are considered branches of self-love which reside in any manís nature.  The conscious guardians should make use of this psychological wealth, building the sound educational ways on this basis.  Consequently, they will guide the child towards superiority and excellence.  In this respect, a discourse for Al Imam Hassan (a.s..) was reported, ęHe called his children and his nephews and said to them, today you are children and tomorrow youíll be the leaders of your people, so learn today and he who canít memorize, let him write it  down and keep it at his homeĽ.  In this discourse we can see that Imam Hassan (a.s.)) had employed the childrenís self love and their innate desire for development to urge and encourage them to learn without resorting to intimidation or threatening. He made them understand that acquiring knowledge now is the way that leads them to dignity and magnificence in the future.

The method used in the above discourse in regarded as one of the greatest methods in the field of raising children and education nowadays. By following this method, every family can encourage its children to acquire knowledge, pushing them from the beginning towards superiority and excellence.  Later, children will become self-motivated for seeking knowledge ;they donít need to be threatened.

In this sense, there is similarity between the atmosphere of the family and that of the Islamic government, where the social discipline is built on the principles of freedom and justice.  Due to this fact, education in Islam is based on justice, freedom, and the development of the childrenís desires for superiority and perfection.

 Imam Ali (a.s.) said to his son Imam Hassan (a.s.) ęDonít be a slave for others, while Allah had created you and made you a free manĽ.  By this brief saying, the great father plants in his son the greatest wealth of personality, and makes him used to mental freedom.  With respect to childrenís education he (a.s.) said, ęHe who didnít learn during childhood, would not advance when becoming an adultĽ.  The qualified teacher is the one who makes use of the childís instinct for perfection and superiority, building most of his educational methods on this basis.