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Women between integrity and deviation

Women share men the physical as well as the spiritual roles of life in the process of human integration.  Both men and women give much of their capabilities to the movement of existence, the vitality of love, the creativity of knowledge, and the spirituality of giving.

Talking about womenís morals within the mental & the behavioral spheres is long and divergent.  It seems that women are to blame for their moral straightness and deviation through the balance they make in the practical control over the issue of the veil,   sex and in running their life in general  as if they were a devil, a curse, and an object of seduction.

Yet, the balanced view of the real study of the present and the past human deviation, affirms that men play the most efficient role in drawing the character of women towards the negative moral side, so as to become objects in menís world rather than human beinge sharing  men their life, doll they play with rather than human beings  they interact with, an object of seduction  rather than an identity with various capabilities. Anyhow, it is needless to say that women are not merely an object of sex, and their lives in their different faces are not dominated by sex.  Unfortunately enough, some people view women from this perspective ; they deprive them of the  right of learning, creation & participation in the process of evolution of manís life.

A woman  is a human being by all means, the fact that obliges us to prepare her for the process of positive human evolution.  Also, menís humanity obliges us to prepare them for establishing a life rich with knowledge, activity and  openness to creation.

Viewing the matter from the moral perspective, we have to make a thorough study of the cooperation between men and women in founding the basis of morals at the sexual, social, and political levels.  Deviating from the right way is the responsibility of either of them.  Both share this responsibility especially in the action & the reaction  .In this sense, we have to reform both of them and plan for the construction of their mentality which is supposed to be open to integration & balance rather than exploitation, and based on the various positive values of each and not on power & weakness.

God created women from the deep self of men and maintained affection & mercy between them. Women have rights & duties, and if men are superior to them, they are so because of the  various organizational roles  men tend to play.

By creating us in this way, God wanted us to lead a life full with affection & mercy so that the marital experience, as a distinct human relationship, can be the beginning of a great experience to an intimate relationship based on mutual respect.  Consequently, man is not supposed to abuse his right and role.  An ideal marital relation occurs if they accept each other mentally and emotionally.  Mutual respect & understanding help to  maintain harmony between their thinking; with affection and love, their feelings will blend.

As affection has its mental and emotional dimensions, mercy has its intellectual & practical ones.  In the light of these facts, we can see a new woman as a female, mother & human in both creativity & responsibility.  We can also see a new man as a male, father, and human - a man who accepts womanís superiority and creativity and a woman who accepts manís creativity in what he excels.

By accepting each other, all the matter will be a competition for the sake of perfection & life.