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Sajdah of tilawah (the recital prostration)

It is obligatory to prostrate when reciting or listening to the recital of the following sajdah verses: As-Sajdah (32): 15, Fussilat (41): 37, An-Najm (53): 62 and Al-‘alaq (96): 19. It is the same as the prostration in prayers. One does not have to say..


The obligatory Ghusl after the menses, Junaba, or else, and the other recommended or mandatory washing (Ghusl (are as follows:

How to perform the Daily prayers

First one announces his intention (Niyyat) to perform the prayer whether Subh (morning), Duhr (noon), Asr (afternoon) ,Maghrib (Evening) or Isha (Night) . The Niyyat could be made by heart; that is one does not have to say it loudly . It is enough to intend in one’s mind to perform…