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Beseeching Allah in hardships

By His Eminence, the late Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah (ra)

Allah, the Most Exalted, says: “And whatever favor is (bestowed) on you it is from Allah.” (16:53). This is a call to contemplate the source of the graces and blessings surrounding man throughout his life, be they the internal elements that control his body systems, or the external ones that provide him with the means of life or ensure its better progress. Can he actually find another actual source for all these blessings besides Allah? This is indisputably not possible, for the direct causes that man comes across at the beginning of his quest will eventually lead him to Allah Who created the cause and for every cause its effect and Who created man and inspired him into doing what he does and making what he makes. This is the evidence of the oneness of Allah manifested by the movement of blessings in life, besides the other many evidences of His oneness manifested by the movement of creation in the universe.

However, man might overlook his Lord and continue to overlook Him until he eventually forgets Him and forsakes any commitment towards Him. Then, he would receive a shock that makes him shudder and return to his conscience and retrieve his awareness. Thus, he would find out that he is, once more, in need for Allah, so he would beseech and invoke Him while in a state of distress, fear and submission, imploring Him to relieve him from any hardship inflicted on him, for Allah says: “Then when evil afflicts you, to Him do you cry for aid;” i.e. you would cry out seeking His help. One might deny Allah, overlook Him, or ascribe partners to Him or to His Lordship. However, the profound innate nature that is attached to every feeling, every heart beat and every thought of the mind awakens, moves and whispers the word “Allah” to the emotions, heart and mind, which revives man and overwhelms him with kindness, love and affection, showered upon him by Allah Who pardons and forgives him and treats him with mercy and kindness. In this way, man would not feel that there are barriers obstructing the feeling of hope for mercy that drives away any evilness and alleviates his concerns, distresses and sufferings. Thus, the profound feeling of Allah’s presence in one’s innermost would prevail pinpointing the oneness of Allah through the feelings and thoughts, for the heart seeks refuge in Him only when it senses any danger and the mind heads only to Him when inquiring about the secret of existence.

Thereupon, the bond between the Creator and the creature would become profoundly instilled in the human existence, and the feeling in the One and only God would be the spiritual profoundness that governs man’s course in life. Thus, it is one’s conscience and inner feelings that sense Allah even before the mind comes to conclude His existence.

Source: [(Interpretations) inspired from the Holy Quran]