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The Quran: A Divine Message to mankind

By His Eminence, the late Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah (ra)

Allah says in His Glorious Book: “Here is a Message for mankind;” a Message Allah has revealed to His Prophet to draw a line between the right and falsehood, and between good and evil: “Let them take warning therefrom,” so as to think responsibly, realistically and objectively, for the Quran entails a methodology for thinking and a method for dialogue and it disallows turning any disagreement into a personal complex; but rather, it regards it as a basis for intellectual “give and take” that is founded on strong evidence and clear proofs. Actually, this renders it a basis for survival and an opportunity to reach some sort of intellectual friendship or at least intellectual understanding, stirred by the Quran which calls on the believers to face differences and achieve the grand Islamic goal, which is to turn enemies into friends instead of turning friends into enemies.

Perhaps the method of warning and intimidation creates a strong psychological shock that might rid man of his egoism and selfishness and drive him to conduct a sound objective thinking, for most cases of aggression are the result of the absence of the sense of responsibility and not knowing the repercussions of such acts.

And let them know that He is (no other than) One Allah;” for unification represents a main concept in Islam in its call, Shariah and methodology of life, for it practically links life to Allah as it deprives man of any affiliation or relation to the titles, individuals, ideas and things that infiltrate the mind, heart and feelings through a path other than Allah’s.

In the light of this, the believers ought to face the issue of unification and polytheism from the position of the fine line that separates deviation from uprightness in all the private and public connotations of life at all levels, since it represents the measure according to which things are labeled as righteous or corrupted within the circle of what is right and what is wrong.

Unification epitomizes everything in the thought, Shariah and methodology, for it is what determines the identity of the ideas and not the other way round. “Let men of understanding take heed;” (14:52), referring to those who open up to the issues of life in the line of the doctrine and legislation, from the position of the practical mind and not the emotional affection. In this way, they would be able to face any phenomenon, issue or stand they want to take from the viewpoint of those who would step out of the state of indifference towards the surrounding things into the state of responsible concern which calls on man to pursue knowledge and use it in the field of action.

The Quran is a Divine Message Allah sent down upon people; He wants them to read it and listen well to it in order to instill it in their awareness and conscience, which in its turn, makes them fear the results of shouldering a responsibility and arouse their interest in the issues Allah wanted them to adopt in their lives on the basis of the limits of what He forbids and what He allows. It would also uproot any state of heedlessness, spiritual and intellectual slackness and practical confusion from their souls, so as to turn man into a vital responsible efficient entity that uses its mind to think and regards it as a basis to discover faith and turn man from one who imitates and reproduces into one who produces, creates and abides by the straight line that extends into the wide horizons of Allah that intersect with the course of the messengers and the messages.

[(Interpretations) inspired from the Quran]