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Value of praise to Allah and its impact on man

By His Eminence, the late Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah (ra)

Truly knowing Allah plays an important role in man’s awareness with regard to believing in Allah, fearing Him, obeying Him, opening up to His love and mercy, understanding the secret behind being His servant, and depicting His magnificence and perfection in all His sublime traits and beautiful names and in all what He should be thanked and praised for.

Allah made us aware of all that, through the means he bequeathed to us and instilled in our senses and minds, as well as the Divine messages He sent along with His prophets. Thus, all the doors to knowledge were widely open before us, so we knew how to conceptualize Him, seek Him, worship Him, submit to Him and abide by His rulings in what achieves our happiness in this world and in the Hereafter; may all the praise be to Him for all that.

Gratitude should go hand in hand with the mind, heart and movement of man in life. It emanates from being aware of all the graces available in the world and their necessity to ensure its continuity, as Allah inspired and made clear to us. Thus, we should be grateful to Him for all His graces in an aware and open manner. Praise be to him for all that, and for His Divinity that He introduced us to and that looks after its servants and makes them ascend gradually to the highest levels of perfection, until they eventually reach the utmost level where their happiness in this world lies and that eventually leads them to their happiness in the Hereafter. We have come to realize that we have a Lord Who takes care of us, handles our affairs, bestows His graces, kindness and mercy upon us and shelters us with His justice and pardon on the Judgment Day; the day we shall all meet Him.

Praise be to Him for all what He guided us to, by being fully devoted to His Oneness that our innermost is flourished with its sanctity and the core of its verity. Thus, we came to confess - deep in our intellectual awareness - that He is the One and Only God Who has no partner and no opposition in His Kingdom, for He is the Creator, the Sustainer, the Bestower, the Ruler and the Guardian of everything. We devotedly professed His Oneness in our minds, hearts, feelings and lives, as there was no one other than Him, so how can we not be devoted to Him and consequently follow the darkness of nothingness that has no horizon and limit?! How can we not believe in Him or doubt His Godliness and He is the light that no darkness follows and the right that no falsehood approaches?! He is the all-clear, the all-pure.

We praise Him for all that, and by that praise we seek closeness to Him, for it represents true faith in Him, love for Him, and the quest for His mercy and closeness; thus, prolonging our life by being along with those who praise Him and race to attain His satisfaction and pardon, as well as the spirituality of His light flourishing the entire existence. Thus, He would light up the darkness we encounter in Al-Barzakh; the phase that separates between the end of one’s life and the beginning of the Judgment Day, in which all dead spirits are gathered, as Allah says: “And before them is a barrier until the day they are raised.” (23: 100), and as mentioned in some of the traditions of the Imams of Ahl El-Beit (a.s.). He would also facilitate our path to resurrection in our final journey from our graves to the day we shall all be gathered for reckoning; the road to which would be flourished with His mercy and satisfaction. Thus, we would not feel tired or exhausted, and we would attain the highest degrees of honor and elevated status as we encounter the witnesses who shall testify in favor of or against people, each according to the evil and good acts he had performed, and we would achieve victory as promised by Allah in His saying: “Most surely We help Our messengers, and those who believe, in this world's life and on the day when the witnesses shall stand.” (40: 51). We would rise bare of everything except our good deeds and a big hope in Allah’s mercy and satisfaction, and no one would be able to save us from the chastisement, if Allah destines us to it “the day on which a friend shall not avail (his) friend aught, nor shall they be helped.” (44:41).

Thus, this praise we express to Allah from all our hearts would elevate us to the highest statuses in a Register (fully) inscribed to which bear witness those Nearest (to Allah), where we would experience the spirituality of the closeness of the soul and the joy of love to Allah Who grants us His love and closeness to Him in that Upper World, in which Allah is manifested to His praising and thanking believing servants. Thus, He would flourish them with His mercy, kindness and satisfaction and he would overwhelm them with spiritual happiness that no eye has seen, no ear has heard and no heart has felt…

Our souls, then, would rest reassured and our eyes would glow as they overlook the wide horizon ahead of them with tranquility and serenity, on the day eyes shall face dreadful fear… on the day some faces shall turn white as a result of the spiritual joy that illuminates their faces through the joyful good results the believers attain by being worthy of Allah’s heaven and pleasure… and on the day some faces and skin shall turn black because they disbelieved in Allah, rebelled against Him and deviated from His straight path, as a result of the dreadful destiny the misguided atheists face, as Allah’s wrath and fire are inflicted on them.

The results of expressing praise to Allah save us from His chastise fire and bring us closer to Him, for praise signifies deep and strong belief in Allah, indulging in His blessings and being fully obedient to Him. Thus, we would become among those who praise Allah and who are worthy of his satisfaction and being close to Him; and we would compete with the close angels roaming in Heaven, glorifying and praising Him, and we would join the sent prophets who opened up, through their messages, to every aspect of praise to Him and opened the minds and hearts to Him, in praising, glorifying, exalting and extolling Him. Thus, they dwelled in the eternal never-ending abode; the place of their unchanging everlasting dignity.

[Source: Extracted from the book “Afaq Ar-Rouh (Spiritual Horizons”]