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The role of believing in the presence of Allah in our practical lives

By His Eminence, the late Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah (ra)

What is the role of believing in the presence of Allah in our practical lives?

The answer to this is that every practical plan in life ought to be founded on ideological roots that explain the reality of the universe and life to it, without which that plan would turn into mere practical steps that would search for the beginning and the end of the road blindly and that would be destined to strandedness and perdition… Therefore, we cannot but ask ourselves the following everlasting question to find out how to start: Is there a supreme power outside the boundaries of our limited materialistic existence that has created this universe and watches over it, organizes it and leads it to [a state of] perfection or is the universe the result of a vacuous blind coincidence that created this system which will not come to a rational end, as it did not emanate from a rational basis?

It is the difference between the thought which believes that the universe is on its course towards achieving a certain goal and the thought which considers that the universe is wandering about aimlessly until it would eventually be shipwrecked in vacuum as it originally set out from a mad coincidence… Thus, belief in the presence of Allah subjects man to an internal and intellectual feeling of responsibility before Allah, the Most Exalted, and towards his deeds and his entire life, due to the fact that he feels that he is part of this big organized universe and that he should act accordingly. Armed with this spirit, he would feel that he has to set a practical plan through the message of Allah, pursue the sublime goals Allah wanted man to pursue in life and in his relations with himself and the others and set his affairs and matters based on the idea that this world is merely a phase in life that extends until after death…

Thus, he ought to take into account life after death when he is living this life. In this respect, man would feel that the human relations are acquiring a new sense in his life, by getting attached to Allah, on the one hand, and to his practical responsibilities on the other hand. Thus, they would no longer be mere relations subjected to materialistic interest-based calculations; but rather, they would acquire new values such as altruism, sacrifice and love just for the sake of love, away from any materialistic returns and seeking spiritual compensation from Allah by attaining and being worthy of His satisfaction, love and reward, which elevates man’s status.

Man would have an innermost feeling of tranquility, spiritual peace and big hope throughout his life for he would be attached to Allah Who is in charge of all life’s problems and repercussions, as well as its pains and joys. Besides, man would feel that Allah is continuously looking after him and that His mercy is watching over him; thus, he would not feel lost, collapsed or desperate. He would not feel that he derailed from his set goals and that he lost the meaning of his presence; a feeling the atheists experience in their lives which makes them feel the great vacuum that would eventually destroy their lives.

Belief in Allah instills in man’s conscience a feeling of a strong continuous Divine supervision which prevents him from offending the others whether in his thought, sayings or actions. Even in the moments where he would feel the most secure which results from losing the sense of the presence of the others, they would hold him responsible.

Belief in Allah dominates man’s innermost in a way that he would feel Allah is watching over him on the inside just as He watches over him on the outside, for there is nothing hidden or covered before Him, nothing is out of the reach of His Dominion and no power is stronger than His.

The more infiltrated belief becomes inside man, the more capable of protecting himself and the others he becomes; however, the weaker belief gets, the closer man becomes to committing a crime determined according to how far he is from the surrounding external deterrence elements…

This sums up how belief in Allah gives our lives a new meaning that enriches, nurtures and cultivates it and links it to the broader meanings and the ultimate aspired goal in life. On the other hand, atheism empties life of all its spiritual connotations and sublime goals; thus, man would be born, live and die meaninglessly, aimlessly and vainly…

[Extracted from the book “General Islamic concepts”]