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Organ donation

Q: is organ donation prohibited in Islam,Let us say I registered for organ donation before I die, for All organs in my body for the people who need it, is it okay?

A:Yes, since it is permissible to make use of the organs of the deceased for treatment purposes, whatever the organ was, including the eyes, heart, liver…etc. Consequently, it is permissible for the mukallaf to include so in his will, either for free or in exchange of a compensation. The guardian ought to carry out the deceased will as it is stipulated. It is permissible for the legatee (inheritor) as well, to allow someone to take an organ from the body of his legator (deceased) for treatment purposes but for free and without compensation. If the will says that the organs are to be sold, the rulings of the inheritance are not applied on the compensation (the money that was obtained from selling the organs), thus, the legatees, whether males or females, have to divide it among themselves equally, unless the legator has mentioned another way to spend it.