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Mary's Story as inspired from the Quran- part 1

Jesus’ birth is one of the great events in the history of mankind. Understanding the significance of this event and how Islam views his birth, and Christianity as a whole is a very important issue that ought to be clarified in an effort to enhance the dialogue between Muslims and Christians.

Mary (Mariam) (a.s.) the Purified and Chaste Woman and the Birth of her son Jesus Christ.

What distinguishes Mary’s story of other God’s miracles (a.s.) and makes different than the story of Zakaraya or any of the stories in the Quran is its challenging qualities to what is ordinary in the process of creation. Indeed, it is known and well accepted among people that both Adam and Eve were created from clay with neither a father nor a mother ever since God infused life in this clay. Ever since the creation of Adam and five, the process of reproduction has been occurring due to the meeting of both the male and the female. Consequently, human kind has grown as a result of this marital relation and accordingly life went on until the emergence of a chocking and miraculous event, the story of Mary and the giving birth to the prophet, Jesus (p.).

The birth of Jesus has marked not only a turning point in the people’s mentality and understanding, but it has also involved such a supernatural element that it challenged the common and the ordinary notion of creation. People witnessed a newly born from a mother without a father. An infant whose birth was a shock to humans and lead them to a new perspective on God’s doctrine as well as His power to vary in the process of creation, a process that reinforced another new evidence of God’s oneness and His might. Jesus’ birth has made a flash back to the way Adam and Eve were created.

The difference between the two events is that humans got accustomed to God’s miracle in Adam; whereas they couldn’t accept in the case of Jesus. They just got familiar to the normal way of reproduction without analyzing in depth Adam’s birth which is supposed to be more confusing: Jesus has a mother; Adam has neither, in spite of this, Adam’s miraculous creation remained an ordinary event contrary to Jesus’ whose creation has remained a problematic and a controversial event.

Accordingly, Mary, in whom this first step of this kind of creation started, had become the title of this miraculous story. Mary, the model of an ideal and devout woman, is the female whose feminine weaknesses has radically transformed into a power. Her power is inspired from a constant belief in God Who in return blessed her with His Holy guardianship and care.

God says: “Relate in the Book (the story of Mary) the chaste virgin who dedicated her life to God’s service and obedience.” The long life of pious and worship which many went through deepened in her the senses of faith, virtue, and purity. Now, Mary is supposed to withstand a very critical and new situation in her life; a situation which left her no other choice except her spontaneous willingness to accept.

When she withdrew from her family to a place in the East” .Just as any other female who likes to take an isolation of her own so that she could contemplate, worship, or practice any normal activity without drawing any attention from the people around her, so does Mary as is revealed in (19:16).”She placed a screen (to screen herself) from them(19:17). However the great surprise occurred, and the great psychological problem which violently shook Mary’s entity appeared, when “… we sent to her our angel” whose duty was carrying the secret of the divine might in His creation. “And he appeared before her as a man in all respects”, similar in his physical qualities to any other ordinary person. Meanwhile, Mary was shocked and shuddered. Her chaste soul trembled inside her trying to find a supporter in God Who is the greatest and the only absolute power that could save her pure soul. Having dedicated her whole life to Him, Mary automatically hurried to seek refuge in God. Indeed, it is Mary’s pure soul that revolted against both the dirt and the filth; similarly it is only God’s might that could, at this critical moment, save her. Mary’s whole desire was to protect her chaste thought which defined and lived her.

Mary and Her Meeting with the Archangel Gabriel:

She said: “I seek refuge from thee to (Allah) Most Gracious; come not near if you fear Allah.” Mary was addressing Gabriel telling him that it is God Who could protect me from any evil attempt you might be intending to do. However, if you were one of those who are leading a life of faith to God both mentally and spiritually, then God would bless you with the power of faith to resist any sexual temptation that might invade your body. After that, Mary waited for his reaction: Is he going to answer her request and comply with the power of faith which God has inspired him with? And in return, is God going to bless her, through this Archangel, with care and compassion? Meanwhile, the second surprise, more violent and in a different way, attacked Mary.

He said: ”Mary, I am only a Messenger from the Lord (to announce) to you the gift of a pure son.” Mary was horrified. Something is warning her with terror and panic. Is this man serious in what he says? Is he telling the truth? How can he say that he is God’s messenger? And who is she among people to be honored with a holy messenger from God? She knows that holy messengers are sent for prophets, and she is not a prophet! Is this man creating an atmosphere of holiness so that she could be sexually tempted? He is announcing that he has a mission. His mission is giving me a pure son!! But, how can it be and I am still a virgin? Really, how can it be and Mary has never ever allowed herself to be other than a pure chaste woman? Here, with horror, she replied: “How shall I have a son seeing that no man has touched me..?” Never have I got married before to give birth to a child similar to any other woman; indeed “and I am not unchaste?” Like some other corrupted women who dare make illegal relations with men. Meanwhile, seeing her anxiety, fear, and worry, the archangel hurried to clarify his mission claiming that what is going to happen to virgin Mary is not only unfamiliar to people, but it is also beyond their knowledge. As a matter of fact, the Archangel emphasized that Mary’s newly born infant will not be given life in the same way other people have been born. On the contrary, this infant is an honor which God has gifted Mary with and which, in return, Mary should be grateful for . It is God’s wish which oversteps the natural limits of creation “He said: “So (it will be). Thy lord says”. Mary should be convinced that it is God’s will, and His holy message sent to her. This holy message is an evidence of God’s ability of formation.

God Says” unto it be as it is,” “That is easy for me” via Jesus birth. God proves that nothing, no matter how hard or great it is, could thwart Him. “And (we wish) to appoint him as a sign unto men.” Via this creation, people come to realize His greatness “and a mercy from us.” Via Jesus, God intends to help people elevate both their spiritual and mental life, Doubtlessly, here emerges God’s decisive will “It is a matter (so) decreed” Accordingly, since it is God’s will, gratification, and accomplishment, there should be neither a room for opposition nor a place for suspicion. There should be total submissiveness to Him.