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The value of Zakat el-Fitra 1444H - 2023

Zakat el-Fitra

 The Juristic Office of the Institution of His Eminence, the late Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah (ra) determined the value of Zakat el-Fitra for the month of Ramadan 1444H/2203AD in Lebanon as

 150 thousand Lebanese Liras for each person as a minimum.

 It is to be paid either on the day of Eid or during the month of Ramadan before that.

 As for the other countries, it is equal to 3 kilograms of food (flour, rice, bread…) at the price of the day it is donated. The family provider will pay it on behalf of himself and his family.

 In addition, it is to be given to the poor among the believers. It is, as a matter of obligatory precaution, to be paid for the poor in one’s country except when there are no poor in one’s country.

 In this case, it is permissible to be paid to the poor in other countries. He can also give it to just jurist.