AL-SHUARA (161-170)

In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful.  


YUSUFALI: Behold, their brother Lut said to them: "Will ye not fear (Allah)?
PICKTHAL: When their brother Lot said unto them: Will ye not ward off (evil)?
SHAKIR: When their brother Lut said to them: Will you not guard (against evil)?


YUSUFALI: "I am to you a messenger worthy of all trust.
PICKTHAL: Lo! I am a faithful messenger unto you,
SHAKIR: Surely I am a faithful messenger to you;


YUSUFALI: "So fear Allah and obey me.
PICKTHAL: So keep your duty to Allah and obey me.
SHAKIR: Therefore guard against (the punishment of) Allah and obey me:


YUSUFALI: "No reward do I ask of you for it: my reward is only from the lord of the Worlds.
PICKTHAL: And I ask of you no wage therefor; my wage is the concern only of the Lord of the Worlds.
SHAKIR: And I do not ask you any reward for it; my reward is only with the Lord of the worlds;


YUSUFALI: "Of all the creatures in the world, will ye approach males,
PICKTHAL: What! Of all creatures do ye come unto the males,
SHAKIR: What! do you come to the males from among the creatures


YUSUFALI: "And leave those whom Allah has created for you to be your mates? Nay, ye are a people transgressing (all limits)!"
PICKTHAL: And leave the wives your Lord created for you? Nay, but ye are froward folk.
SHAKIR: And leave what your Lord has created for you of your wives? Nay, you are a people exceeding limits.


YUSUFALI: They said: "If thou desist not, O Lut! thou wilt assuredly be cast out!"
PICKTHAL: They said: If thou cease not, O Lot, thou wilt soon be of the outcast.
SHAKIR: They said: If you desist not, O Lut! you shall surely be of those who are expelled.


YUSUFALI: He said: "I do detest your doings."
PICKTHAL: He said: I am in truth of those who hate your conduct.
SHAKIR: He said: Surely I am of those who utterly abhor your


YUSUFALI: "O my Lord! deliver me and my family from such things as they do!"
PICKTHAL: My Lord! Save me and my household from what they do.
SHAKIR: My Lord ! deliver me and my followers from what they do.


YUSUFALI: So We delivered him and his family,- all
PICKTHAL: So We saved him and his household, every one,
SHAKIR: So We delivered him and his followers all,