AL-SHUARA (31-40)

In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful.  


YUSUFALI: (Pharaoh) said: "Show it then, if thou tellest the truth!"
PICKTHAL: (Pharaoh) said: Produce it then, if thou art of the truthful!
SHAKIR: Said he: Bring it then, if you are of the truthful ones.


YUSUFALI: So (Moses) threw his rod, and behold, it was a serpent, plain (for all to see)!
PICKTHAL: Then he flung down his staff and it became a serpent manifest,
SHAKIR: So he cast down his rod, and lo! it was an obvious serpent,


YUSUFALI: And he drew out his hand, and behold, it was white to all beholders!
PICKTHAL: And he drew forth his hand and lo! it was white to the beholders.
SHAKIR: And he drew forth his hand, and lo! it appeared white to the onlookers.


YUSUFALI: (Pharaoh) said to the Chiefs around him: "This is indeed a sorcerer well-versed:
PICKTHAL: (Pharaoh) said unto the chiefs about him: Lo! this is verily a knowing wizard,
SHAKIR: (Firon) said to the chiefs around him: Most surely this is a skillful magician,


YUSUFALI: "His plan is to get you out of your land by his sorcery; then what is it ye counsel?"
PICKTHAL: Who would drive you out of your land by his magic. Now what counsel ye?
SHAKIR: Who desires to turn you out of your land with his magic; what is it then that you advise?


YUSUFALI: They said: "Keep him and his brother in suspense (for a while), and dispatch to the Cities heralds to collect-
PICKTHAL: They said: Put him off, (him) and his brother, and send into the cities summoners
SHAKIR: They said: Give him and his brother respite and send heralds into the cities


YUSUFALI: "And bring up to thee all (our) sorcerers well-versed."
PICKTHAL: Who shall bring unto thee every knowing wizard.
SHAKIR: That they should bring to you every skillful magician.


YUSUFALI: So the sorcerers were got together for the appointment of a day well-known,
PICKTHAL: So the wizards were gathered together at a set time on a day appointed.
SHAKIR: So the magicians were gathered together at the appointed time on the fixed day,


YUSUFALI: And the people were told: "Are ye (now) assembled?-
PICKTHAL: And it was said unto the people: Are ye (also) gathering?
SHAKIR: And it was said to the people: Will you gather together?


YUSUFALI: "That we may follow the sorcerers (in religion) if they win?"
PICKTHAL: (They said): Aye, so that we may follow the wizards if they are the winners.
SHAKIR: Haply we may follow the magicians, if they are the vanquishers.