TA-HA (41-50)

In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful.  


YUSUFALI: "And I have prepared thee for Myself (for service)"..
PICKTHAL: And I have attached thee to Myself.
SHAKIR: And I have chosen you for Myself:


YUSUFALI: "Go, thou and thy brother, with My Signs, and slacken not, either of you, in keeping Me in remembrance.
PICKTHAL: Go, thou and thy brother, with My tokens, and be not faint in remembrance of Me.
SHAKIR: Go you and your brother with My communications and be not remiss in remembering Me;


YUSUFALI: "Go, both of you, to Pharaoh, for he has indeed transgressed all bounds;
PICKTHAL: Go, both of you, unto Pharaoh. Lo! he hath transgressed (the bounds).
SHAKIR: Go both to Firon, surely he has become inordinate;


YUSUFALI: "But speak to him mildly; perchance he may take warning or fear (Allah)."
PICKTHAL: And speak unto him a gentle word, that peradventure he may heed or fear.
SHAKIR: Then speak to him a gentle word haply he may mind or fear.


YUSUFALI: They (Moses and Aaron) said: "Our Lord! We fear lest he hasten with insolence against us, or lest he transgress all bounds."
PICKTHAL: They said: Our Lord! Lo! we fear that he may be beforehand with us or that he may play the tyrant.
SHAKIR: Both said: O our Lord! Surely we fear that he may hasten to do evil to us or that he may become inordinate.


YUSUFALI: He said: "Fear not: for I am with you: I hear and see (everything).
PICKTHAL: He said: Fear not. Lo! I am with you twain, Hearing and Seeing.
SHAKIR: He said: Fear not, surely I am with you both: I do hear and see.


YUSUFALI: "So go ye both to him, and say, 'Verily we are messengers sent by thy Lord: Send forth, therefore, the Children of Israel with us, and afflict them not: with a Sign, indeed, have we come from thy Lord! and peace to all who follow guidance!
PICKTHAL: So go ye unto him and say: Lo! we are two messengers of thy Lord. So let the children of Israel go with us, and torment them not. We bring thee a token from thy Lord. And peace will be for him who followeth right guidance.
SHAKIR: So go you both to him and say: Surely we are two messengers of your Lord; therefore send the children of Israel with us and do not torment them! Indeed we have brought to you a communication from your Lord, and peace is on him who follows the guidance;


YUSUFALI: "'Verily it has been revealed to us that the Penalty (awaits) those who reject and turn away.'"
PICKTHAL: Lo! it hath been revealed unto us that the doom will be for him who denieth and turneth away.
SHAKIR: Surely it has been revealed to us that the chastisement will surely come upon him who rejects and turns back.


YUSUFALI: (When this message was delivered), (Pharaoh) said: "Who, then, O Moses, is the Lord of you two?"
PICKTHAL: (Pharaoh) said: Who then is the Lord of you twain, O Moses?
SHAKIR: (Firon) said: And who is your Lord, O Musa?


YUSUFALI: He said: "Our Lord is He Who gave to each (created) thing its form and nature, and further, gave (it) guidance."
PICKTHAL: He said: Our Lord is He Who gave unto everything its nature, then guided it aright.
SHAKIR: He said: Our Lord is He Who gave to everything its creation, then guided it (to its goal).