TA-HA (61-70)

In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful.  


YUSUFALI: Moses said to him: Woe to you! Forge not ye a lie against Allah, lest He destroy you (at once) utterly by chastisement: the forger must suffer frustration!"
PICKTHAL: Moses said unto them: Woe unto you! Invent not a lie against Allah, lest He extirpate you by some punishment. He who lieth faileth miserably.
SHAKIR: Musa said to them: Woe to you! do not forge a lie against Allah, lest He destroy you by a punishment, and he who forges (a lie) indeed fails to attain (his desire).


YUSUFALI: So they disputed, one with another, over their affair, but they kept their talk secret.
PICKTHAL: Then they debated one with another what they must do, and they kept their counsel secret.
SHAKIR: So they disputed with one another about their affair and kept the discourse secret.


YUSUFALI: They said: "These two are certainly (expert) magicians: their object is to drive you out from your land with their magic, and to do away with your most cherished institutions.
PICKTHAL: They said: Lo! these are two wizards who would drive you out from your country by their magic, and destroy your best traditions;
SHAKIR: They said: These are most surely two magicians who wish to turn you out from your land by their magic and to take away your best traditions.


YUSUFALI: "Therefore concert your plan, and then assemble in (serried) ranks: He wins (all along) today who gains the upper hand."
PICKTHAL: So arrange your plan, and come in battle line. Whoso is uppermost this day will be indeed successful.
SHAKIR: Therefore settle your plan, then come standing in ranks and he will prosper indeed this day who overcomes.


YUSUFALI: They said: "O Moses! whether wilt thou that thou throw (first) or that we be the first to throw?"
PICKTHAL: They said: O Moses! Either throw first, or let us be the first to throw?
SHAKIR: They said: O Musa! will you cast, or shall we be the first who cast down?


YUSUFALI: He said, "Nay, throw ye first!" Then behold their ropes and their rods-so it seemed to him on account of their magic - began to be in lively motion!
PICKTHAL: He said: Nay, do ye throw! Then lo! their cords and their staves, by their magic, appeared to him as though they ran.
SHAKIR: He said: Nay! cast down. then lo! their cords and their rods-- it was imaged to him on account of their magic as if they were running.


YUSUFALI: So Moses conceived in his mind a (sort of) fear.
PICKTHAL: And Moses conceived a fear in his mind.
SHAKIR: So Musa conceived in his mind a fear.


YUSUFALI: We said: "Fear not! for thou hast indeed the upper hand:
PICKTHAL: We said: Fear not! Lo! thou art the higher.
SHAKIR: We said: Fear not, surely you shall be the uppermost,


YUSUFALI: "Throw that which is in thy right hand: Quickly will it swallow up that which they have faked what they have faked is but a magician's trick: and the magician thrives not, (no matter) where he goes."
PICKTHAL: Throw that which is in thy right hand! It will eat up that which they have made. Lo! that which they have made is but a wizard's artifice, and a wizard shall not be successful to whatever point (of skill) he may attain.
SHAKIR: And cast down what is in your right hand; it shall devour what they have wrought; they have wrought only the plan of a magician, and the magician shall not be successful wheresoever he may come from.


YUSUFALI: So the magicians were thrown down to prostration: they said, "We believe in the Lord of Aaron and Moses".
PICKTHAL: Then the wizards were (all) flung down prostrate, crying: We believe in the Lord of Aaron and Moses.
SHAKIR: And the magicians were cast down making obeisance; they said: We believe in the Lord of Haroun and Musa.