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Supplication on Arafat Eve

In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate

O my God! O He Who sees clearly through what hearts and minds desire secretly, makes good and settles all complaints, knows fully well the ins and outs of whatever is kept undisclosed, the ultimate fulfillment of all desires! O He Who is the prime source of happiness for the (faithful) servants! O He Who deals gently and grants favors! O He Who overlooks with subtle finesse! O He Who gives without strings attached! O He Who is not unaware of the covering darkness of nights, the roaring clamor of the seas, the supporting columns (substance) of the skies, the locked, shut up hindrance of disorder! O He for Whom (whatever is in) darkness is as visible as (in) light! I beseech Thee in the name of the splendor of Thy kind and gentle “face” that leveled the mountain to the ground, the flash of which made Moses prostrate himself in adoration; and in Thy name that has raised (suspended) the skies without (supporting) pillars, and spread the earth on the stable surface of the water; in the name of Thy pure name written clearly, kept well guarded and treasured, which brings results whenever invoked, grants favors whenever a request is made; in the name of Thy Holy, Sacred and Decisive name which is superior to all lights; a "light" that lights up all lights, the earth got split when came into contact with it, the heavens made an opening when it reached there, and when it came near the Arsh (Divine seat of authority), it went wild with joy (rapt in delight); in Thy name which makes Thy Angels change to and fro with ease their movement. I beseech Thee in the name of Gabriel, Michael and Israfil; in the name of Muhammad Al-Mustafa, blessings of Allah be upon him and upon his Household members, and upon all the Prophets and Angels; in the name of the name with Khizr recited to walk over the tidal waves as he used to walk on the hard level ground; in Thy name which divided the sea (laid open a track of land) for Moses but drowned Pharaoh and his followers, and delivered safely (to the shore) Moses son of Imran together with those who were with him; in Thy name which summoned Moses son of Imran to come to the blessed Toor, and gave answer to his request, filled him with Thy love; in Thy name which Issa, son of Mary, used for bringing the dead to life, (which) made the just born (Issa) talk clearly (sitting) in his cradle, (and when he grew up) cure the born blind and the lepers; in Thy name which makes the bearers of Thy Arsh, Gabriel, Michael, Israfil, Thy intimate friend and confidant, Muhammad (blessings of Allah be upon him and upon his Household Members), Thy confidential Angels, the Prophets appointed by Thee, and Thy chosen upright servants among the inhabitants of the heavens and the earths, pray for Thy blessings; in Thy name Zunnoon (Jonas) recited to invoke Thee; (when he went off in anger and deemed that we had no power over him, but he cried out in the darkness, saying. "There is no god save Thee. Be Thou glorified! Verily, I have been a wrongdoer." Then We heard his prayer and saved him from the anguish. Thus, We save the believers, in the name of Thy great name David recited and prostrated himself in adoration, so Thou forgave him; in Thy name A'sia, the wife of Pharaoh, recited when she said: "My Lord! Build for me a home with Thee in Paradise, and deliver me from Pharaoh and his work, and deliver me from evildoing folk;" then Thou heard her prayer; in Thy name Ayyoub recited when he was surrounded by calamities and Thou removed that adversity (from which he suffered), and Thou gave him his household (that he had lost) and like thereof along with them, a mercy from Thy (store), and remembrance for the worshippers; in Thy name that gave back sight to Jacob and also brought together him and the apple of his eyes, Yusuf; in Thy name that bestowed on Suleiman a Kingdom, such as did not belong to any after him, verily Thou art the Bestower; in Thy name which requisitioned "Buraaq" (on which the Holy Prophet ascended to heaven) for Muhammad (blessings of Allah and peace be upon him and his Household Members), when the Praiseworthy said: Glorified be He who carried His servant by night from the "inviolable place of worship" to the "Far distant place of worship", and said he (the Holy Prophet): "Glorified be He who has subdued these unto us, and we were not capable (of subduing them), and verily, unto our Lord we return"; in Thy name with which Gabriel was commissioned to call upon Muhammad, blessings of Allah be upon him and upon his Household Members; in Thy name Adam recited to seek Thy forgiveness, so Thou overlooked his mistake, and allowed him to stay in Thy Paradise. I beseech Thee in the name of the evident proof of the glorious, decisive Holy Quran, in the name of the preserving reason and good Muhammad, the last Prophet, has, in the name of the sincerity of Ibrahim, in the name of the just and lawful decisions Thou will make on the Day of Judgment, in the name of the "what is as it ought to be" comparison and compensation system that will be set up; and the "books of accounts" which shall be laid open, in the name of the real and true writing (Qalam); and the slate (Lawh) contains, in the name of the Glory of the name Thou and written on the borders of the "Arsh", two thousand years before Thou created the sun, the moon, the earth and all that has been created.

I testify that there is no god save Allah, He is Single and has no associate; and that Muhammad is His Servant and Messenger. I beseech Thee in Thy name Thou keeps an eye on, safely treasured in Thy unknowable depository, known to Thee alone, no one from among Thy creation can (even) snatch a momentary view, nor the nearby Angels, nor the appointed Prophets, nor any chosen servant. I beseech Thee in the name of They name that separated the oceans, hoisted the mountains, made day and night follow each other, for the sake of "the twice revealed seven verses" (Al-Fatihah) and the Great Quran, for the sake of the "noble scribes" "(Kiramul Katibeen – the Angels who write down our deeds), for the sake of "Taha". "Yaa Seen", "Kaf-Ha-Yaa-Ayyn- Saad", "Ha-Meem-Ayyn- Seen-Qaaf", for the sake of Tawrat (Torah), given to Moses, and Injeel (Bible), given to Issa, and Zuboor, given to David; and the Holy Quran, given to Muhammad (Allah's blessings be upon him and upon his Household Members and upon the Messengers), and for the sake of "I am I" (Allah had said to Moses). O my God! I beseech Thee, in the name of the conference that took place between Thee and Moses, son of Imran, on the mountain of "Toor Seenaa". I beseech Thee in Thy name that gives a sign to the "Angel of Death" at the time of taking away souls from the bodies. I beseech Thee in Thy name, written on the leaf of (an) olive tree, the leaf (which) calmed down the flames of the fire, (when) Thou said: "Be coolness and peace (for Ibrahim)." I beseech Thee in Thy name Thou wrote on the canopy, covering the "surpassing glory and generosity". O He! Those (who) make repeated requests, and those who get what they want, do not make Him suffer loss. O He Who is besought; and unto Him turn (all) to take refuge. I beseech Thee in the name of "hard of understand" rare but highly satisfying and loving kindness, out-flowing from Thy "seat of authority" (Arsh), and the endless mercy, outpouring form Thy Book in the name of Thy "Ismi Azam" (The Great Name of Allah), Thy boundless resources, and Thy complete, perfect "words" of highest excellence.

O my God! Lord of the winds, (and of that which they carry off, sprinkle and scatter), and the skies, (and of that which they cover, shade and support), and the earth, (and of that which it bears and carry), and of the devils, (and of that which they cause to go astray and lose), and of the oceans and rivers, (and of that which they urge to run, flow and cause to circulate); for the sake of all truths, (everything) concerning Thee is truth; for the sake of Thy confidential Angels, souls resting in peace, celestial spirits, and those, singing Thy praise and glory day and night, (who) never grow tired, slack or relax; for the sake of Ibrahim, Thy close friend, and all Thy loving devotees (who call upon and pray to Thee between Safa and Marwa, and Thou gives answer to their prayers. O the fulfiller of prayers!

I beseech Thee in the name of all these names, and all these prayers, to show mercy to us (forgive us) for that which we have done, (that which) we shall do, (that which) we did not cover up, (that which) we did and made public, (that which) we did seriously, (that which) we did frivolously (light-mindedly). Art Thou not aware of (them) more than us? Verily (no doubt there is) Thou art able to do all things; on account of Thy mercy, O the Most Merciful! O He Who watches over every wayfarer! O He Who gives company to every forsaken lonesome! O He Who defends every sick and weak! O He Who comes to the help of every oppressed! O He Who gives livelihood to every excluded outcast! O He Who cheers up every lonely solitaire! O He Who goes with every traveling stranger! O He Who supports every settled inhabitant! O He Who overlooks faults and mistakes! O He Who lends a helping hand to whoso seeks help! O He Who brings assistance to whoso cries out for help! O He Who makes less the agony and anguish of the grieved! O He Who gives comfort to whoso is an object of sorrow and solicitude! O He Who created the heavens and the earths! O He Who is the ultimate last resource of whatever is desired and asked for! O He Who gives answer to whoso cries out in desperation! O the Most Merciful! O the Lord of the worlds! O the Requiter of the Day of Judgment! O the Most Generous! O the Most Kind! O the Best Hearer! O the Best Seer! O the Most Powerful!

Forgive me my sins that swerve the flow of bounties. Forgive me my sins that give birth to remorse. Forgive me my sins that bring upon depression. Forgive me my sins that put asunder integrity. Forgive me my sins that nullify prayers. Forgive me my sins that hold back that which drops (mercy) from the heaven. Forgive me my sins that urge to bring quickly nothingness and non-existence. Forgive me my sins that draw near misery and distress. Forgive me my sins that bring disorder and chaos in thought and purpose. Forgive me my sins that expose and lay bare shelter and security. Forgive me my sins that no one can forgive other than Thee.

O Allah! Take off the load (burden of sins) from my back belonging to anyone from among Thy creation; make haste in my affairs, freed of care, brought into focus, and made easy; put into my heart sure and certain belief in Thee, and impress into my mind hope in and quest for Thee, till I turn to no one other than Thee. My God protect me, keep me safe in my position, be my constant companion in darkness and light, in (the hour of) comfort, in hardships, in success, in misfortune, in gain, in loss, make easy my course, let conduct of life be good, do not leave me in the lurch, forsaken in distress or difficulty. Guide me, O the Best Guide! Do not let me look repeatedly at my vain desires, while carrying out day to day work, let me find happiness everywhere, make me team up with my family, happy and successful, in this quickly passing life and at the appointed time; (there is no doubt) certainly Thou art able to do all things. Give me the provisions of life, as much as Thy generosity approves, open up for me the doors of Thy plenteous, good and clean store of possessions, put me to work in Thy obedience, keep me safe from fire and fury, when I die be merciful and direct my journey to Thy Paradise. O my God, in Thee do I seek refuge from the disappearance of Thy bounties, from discontinuation of welfare Thou made available for me, from the torment that may come upon me, from the penalty that comes down upon (us), from the disasters that vex and molest, from the misery (and distress) that takes hold of and lingers on, from violent and painful death, from the pride and joy of the enemies, from the evil that falls down from the skies, from the evil which has been pointed out in the revealed Book. O my God! Do not make me be among the evildoers, nor be among the dwellers of Hell, do not keep me out of enjoyment found in the company of the good; make me live a clear and honest life, and die a tranquil death, unite me (after death) with the select pious, let me keep company with the Prophets, in the abode of good repute, near the omnipotent seat of authority. O my God! (All) praise is for Thee (alone), (for) Thy smooth and fair system of test and trial (so) clever and skillful. (All) praise is for Thee (alone), (for) Islam, and (making all) follow the "way of life" (of Muhammad (p.)), O Lord, just as Thou had guided them to Thy religion, and taught (revealed) them Thy Book, so guide us and teach us as well. (All) praise is for Thee (alone), (for Thy smooth and fair system of test and trial (so) clever and skillful, particularly for me; just as Thou created me, (how wonderful is my creation!) and taught me, how thorough is my learning!) and showed me the right path, (how complete is the guidance I received!). (All) praise is for Thee (alone), (for) Thy bounties bestowed upon me, earlier and present. How many agonies, O my Master, Thou has dispelled! How many sorrows, O my Master, Thou has hushed! How many hardships, O my Master, Thou has put to flight! How many disasters, O my Master, Thou has dispersed! How many defects, O my Master, Thou has covered! So (all) praise is for Thee (alone), under all circumstances, in every place, at all times, in chaos, and in order, in the present moment and at all occasions. O Allah give me also from the gifts Thy deserving servants win, and duly distributed today, or the loss showed openly to them, or the evil sent away from them, or the disaster warded off from them, or the good urged on to reach them, or the mercy scattered and spread out, or the welfare that mingles and gets around, so (there is no doubt) Thou art able to do all things. In Thy hands are the treasures of the heavens and the earth. Thou art One, the Kindest Giver Who does not send away one who makes a request to Him, nor disappoints one who expects to get what one wants from Him, nor there is any defect or shortage in what one obtains from Him, nor dries up and goes waste that which comes from Him, on the contrary grows more and more, (is) clean, freely given, (out of) generosity and favor.

Give me from Thy treasures that which never gets exhausted, on account of Thy merciful love and kindness. Boundless and fathomless is Thy grant that neither withholds nor is inaccessible. Thou art able to do all things, through Thy mercy, O Most Merciful of the merciful!