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Specific '19th Night' Duas /Aa'mal

 1.to say 100 times

I seek the forgiveness of Allah and I repent before Him.


2. Recite the following supplication:  

yadhalladhy kana qablakullishayin

O He Who has been always there before all things,


And He then created all things,


And He then stays while all things vanish.


O He Whose like in not found at all

wayadhalladhylaysa fi alssamawatial`ula

O He; neither in the highest heavens,

wa la fi alaradhinaalssufla

Nor in the lowest layers of the earth

wa la fawqahunnawa la tahtahunnawa la baynahunnailhunyu`badughayruhu

Nor above them, nor beneath them, nor there is between them any god that is worshipped save Him.

lakaalhamduhamdan la yaqwa `alaihsaihiilla anta

To You be the praise that none can count save You,

fasalli `alamuhammadinwaalimuhammadinsalatan la yaqwa `alaihsaihailla anta

So, please bless Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad with the blessings that none can count save You.

3. Recite the following supplication:                      

all?humma inn as`aluka f m? taq watuqaddir

O Allah: I beseech You regarding that which You decide and determine

minal-amril-matmi f laylatil-qadr

from the inevitable decisions that You make on the Night of QADR


minal-qadh?`il-ladh l? yuradduwal? yubaddal

decisions that are neither retreated nor altered

antaktuban min ujj?jibaytikal-ar?m

that You may include me with the pilgrims to Your Holy House,(Al-Beit  Al-Haram)

al-mabrri ajjuhum

whose pilgrimage is admitted by You


and whose efforts are thankfully accepted by You,


and whose sins are forgiven by You,

al-mukaffari `anhumsayyi`?tuhum

and whose offenses are pardoned by You,

waj-`al f m? taq watuqaddir

and that You, also within Your determined decisions,

antula `umr

that You decide for me a long life,

watuwassia `alayyarizq

and expansive sustenance,

watu`addiya `ann am?nat wadayn

and that You help me fulfill my trusts and settle my debts,



Respond to me; O the Lord of the worlds.

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