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Ziyarat Prophet Muhammad (p.)

Peace be upon you, O Messenger of Allah. Peace be upon you, O Prophet of Allah. Peace be upon you, O Muhammad the son of ‘Abd Allah’. Peace be upon you, O Seal of the Prophets; I bear witness that you proclaimed the message and established the prayer and paid the Zakat and enjoined good and forbade evil and worshipped Allah with all sincerity until death overtook you; so may the blessings and mercy of Allah be upon you and on your pure family.

I bear witness that there is no god except Allah. He is unique, there is no partner unto Him and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and Prophet. I bear witness that you are the Prophet of Allah and that you are Muhammad, the son of ‘Abd Allah’ and I bear witness that you proclaimed the messages of your Lord and that you advised your people and strived in the path of Allah and you served your Lord with wisdom and good preaching until death overtook you; and you fulfilled the duty imposed on you and that you were kind to the believers and severe on the disbelievers. Allah has made you attain the highest position of honor and nobility. Praise be to Allah Who, through you, has saved us from polytheism and from going astray; O Allah send Your blessings and the blessings of Your close angels and Your Messengers and those of Your upright servants and the people of the heavens and the earth and those who have glorified You, O Lord, from the beginning to the end, on Muhammad, Your servant and Messenger and Your Prophet and Your trustworthy and saved one, Your beloved and Your chosen one; Your special, pure and most virtuous one from Your creatures. O Allah, grant him an elevated status and make him a means to heaven and raise him in a praiseworthy status, which the first and the last people will wish to attain.