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13/03/2012 A.D 20/04/1433 H

A “Facebook” for Muslims?!
Salamworld ought to rethink its strategy

  It is that sensitive case where lies the thin dividing line between preserving character and – simply – marginalization!

To get things straightened out; it is really not in Islam’s interest to have “itself” on the margin, much of what it’s argued to be in fact, in the vast-and-so-connected world of globalization. Besides; Islam really embraces the sense of indulging in the frame of the “prevailing” time and space – within globalization – to convey the worldly and humane case of the Islamic doctrine, for the overall welfare of man society.

So yes; because Muslims really do believe in the righteous and “salvasive” heavenly doctrine-- Ilsam, it is much, then, their pressing duty to spread the word on the point of truth (Islam) in the social forums of today’s world.

Salamworld is not a path embracing the above mentioned facts and necessities! It is a recent step based in Istanbul, to be launched during the holy month of Ramadan in July in eight languages; hoping to be a far cleaner version of Facebook, by “filtering out harmful content” and ensuring that its pages “respect family values”, according to the company’s commercial.

One of Salamworld’s owners said that “the content that is being used on other social networks is not very secure and full of haram” (meaning: “harmful, thus forbidden”). The owner goes on saying: “We don’t want our young people to absorb all these ideas that are not familiar to them” (!!). In principle, he suggests a clear and acceptable course of conviction and action, and expresses an Islamic sense of jealousy toward keeping on the right path.     

On the other hand, some believe that young Muslims will perceive the filtering of content as Web censorship, thus would take a stand very contradicting to that which they are said to take, them supposedly being Muslims keen on preserving their religious heritage against the explicitness of the Facebook social attitude!

Moreover; one Google trends study found that the most searches for the word “sex,” as a percentage of all searches in a country, came from Pakistan— a predominately Muslim country (of Sunnis and Shiites). How can one say, then, it’s a case of Muslims in need for protection against alien conquering of their sacred belief?!

Maybe we Muslims ought to tame ourselves, first, not to indulge with matters definitely apparent in societies and are of contradicting sentiment with that of Islamic belief; like the case in Pakistan (dealing with sex the un-Lawful way). So; does the Salamworld project come alongside a proactive plan to make firm a Muslim’s conviction toward his religion, so to, then, acquire the strategy of Salamworld to defend that – presumably - present deep conviction?

It is necessary that a Muslim be aware of the vitality of his presence in the worldly forums (like Facebook), that a real Muslim should obviously be certain that it is in need for his participation; so to carry his humane leading principles to the ever open crowd waiting for a proposal of truth— hence Islam!

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